Kenpo Comparison


                            A Question Of Superiority

For those of us who have been training in the Kenpo system for the majority of our lives, at one time or another we were trained to be believe that The Art Of Kenpo Holds Superiority over all other forms of unarmed combat or organized methods of fighting.
Even in the book ( The Journey ) William K.S. Chow was to have been quoted as saying ( Out of all the arts of self defense, none other can surpass the art of Kenpo in its lethality )
Now by that statement. It means that Kenpo has already been compared next to ( ALL ) other arts relating to methods of organized fighting and or empty hand methods of self defense. The real question to be answered ( IS IT )
We would all ( All Stylist of Any Art ) love to hold the belief that the art that we have spent a lifetime devoting ourselves to is the most effective and therefore the most lethal. But to answer this question we have to remember one vital thing. The arts mean nothing unless someone is using them, practicing them and applying them.
  I have seen a Tae Kwon Do stylist defeat Kenpo. I have seen a Kenpo stylist Defeat Shotokon. I have seen a Isshin Ryu stylist defeat Tae Kwon Do. Now to get a much better understanding of this. I have never seen an art defeat an art. Only opponents defeating opponents.
  The art of Kenpo is very lethal in its application, but only if its executed by an individual who has made it that way. Kenpo is only as good as the person applying it. The same goes with any other Martial Art. The Late SGM Parker did an interview during the 70s where he said the very same thing. Now some have said that Parker made that statement strictly on the grounds of martial Politics, so that he wouldn’t step on any toes.
  But the fact is, the statement is 100 percent true. Now of course, all this is based on the comparison of legitimate forms of martial arts. Not Johnny’s Kwon Do , or Bobs back yard form of Ching Ching Pow.

                                                Elite Delete
If It Works I Use It. If It Doesn’t I Don’t Bother With It.

The Kenpo system is filled with so many empty hand self defense techniques. And many of us have spent most of our lives learning each and every one of them. And lets not forget about the extensions that go with each one.
I was always taught that even if I find certain techniques that just simply wont work for me. Never to discard them, but to keep a knowledge of them as a reference to myself in case a student found them to work well for him or her.
It was great advise as long as it actually did work for them. But what do you do with a technique that will not work no matter who does it. And you yourself have proven it by making every attempt to apply it on several different people.
Simple, change it or just get rid of it and replace with what does work. All techniques can and will be totally effective and look outstanding in a tournament or demonstration where your attacker knows the technique as well as how to react so that three things happen. You look great, your attacker looks great and your art looks great.
The actual reality of it all boils down to one thing. Will any of it work when its just you, or you and your family. No instructor, no other students or close friends, and no control from your attacker. JUST YOU.
Many present day Kenpo stylist are scared to death to make any kind of changes with what they practice, even if it does not work. All because their instructor forbids them to change anything. And they don’t want to alter what has been handed down from the past or present Legends. Mainly because they want to remain in good standing with they peers.
  Every time I leave the comfort zone of my own home. I’m taking the same chance as anyone else. To be the subject of an attack. With the rise in crime across the nation. I don’t see it coming to a halt any time soon.
So in essence, what we need is the mind set that says. I'm going to find what works and master it. Not what might work or may sometimes work. But what can be completely relied on to end the attack.
                                  Elite Video Submission
The Elite Kenpo Council
Request For The Best On Video

Dear cherished members of the EKC. It is with great honor that I address you as the best within the IKKA. Being surrounded with such outstanding talent, skill and knowledge energizes me to no end. But Master Whelan and I want more.

From you but for you. We would like for each member to submit their best techniques on video so we can add them to the site for all to see. Reading about you is great. A photo is worth a thousand words, must motion sets the fire, and we want our members to burn hot.

  We want to show first hand why we are Elite in Kenpo. If your not interested that’s fine to. But if you are. Please e-mail Master Whelan with your interest in submitting a video.

Thank You
                                             Elite Thinkers
We all know that Kenpo is a system of thought as well as a system of physical motion. But as generations of  the kenpo population continue to practice and study, what percentage of that population are we actually teaching to think and not just move.
The subject in itself is of great importance. If Kenpo itself is a system of thought, then we need serious thinkers. People who not only can teach how a technique should be done, but why its done as well. And along the same lines, have the ability to not just rearrange but have a creative mind.
I’ve heard many Kenpoist say ( There’s no need to create anything else, Mr. Parker created all of it ) Well for a specific time period the statement held very true. But the reality of it all is this ( Times and Methods Change ) We either change with it or get left behind in the stone age of what the past will turn into.
I’m not saying that we need to discard what we have learned, but we need to keep an open mind to what is presently being developed out there in relation to unarmed self defense or empty hand combat. Since Kenpo is really built on Principles and Concepts. We could actually take something that we see, add the P and C and make it Kenpo.
Mr. Parker did something brilliant. He laid the foundation, but he left the house to us. The question is what are we going to do with it.
                                 Maintaining Elite Status

Throughout my years of training in the Arts, I have witnessed some of the most talented and skilled martial artist speak, teach and perform their art with great passion. I have watched them capture the attention of those looking on as though the students were hypnotized by what they observed, with the hope that one day they would have the talent to perform what they had witnessed.


  Many of the living legends, regardless of the style or system can still hold us in awe as to their knowledge and skill. Even into their 60s and 80s. Now what do they all have in common, they all held themselves to a higher standard from the very beginning. They chose to nurture their art and do their very best to go above and beyond to maintain mental sharpness as well as physical fitness.


  Being Elite is not about how many stripes or degree’s you display on your belt. It is not about how many Organizations we belong to, or how many certificates you have framed on your wall. Because all of it is temporary, in time it will become a memory. What will be remembered is the person who captured the groups attention for hours on end. It will be the person who left a precious gift with a curious student who may have almost given up.


  It will be the person who took time out of his day or seminar to pay special attention to someone who was very hungry for what was being taught. Being Elite is a decision for each individual person to make. And no one can make that decision for you. It is totally up to you. From how you live your life, to how you nurture your art, and how you communicate with other people.

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