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Rob Broad
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I started an experiment in my school at the beginning of May that I would like to share with everyone.

We all know the 10 Master key techniques: Lone Kimono, Locked Wing, Repeating Mace, Five Swords, Thundering Hammers, Dance of Death, Parting Wings, Hooking Wings, Intellectual Departure, and Thrusting Salaute. For those who have not seen the list of what each technique is related to here is a break down.


Sleeper, Dance of Death, Grasping Eagles, Unwinding Pendulum, Dance of Darkness ***, Attacking Mace, Flashing Wings, Darting Mace, Crossing Talons, Desperate Falcons, Circling Fans ***, Leaping Crane, Gathering Clouds, Circling the Horizon, Piercing Lance, Taming the Mace, Shield and Mace ‑ Advanced, Back Breaker, Kneel of Compulsion, Brushing the Storm, Escape from the Storm, Flashing Mace, Glancing Salute, Clipping the Storm, Glancing Lance, Ram and the Eagle, Returning Storm, Grasp of Death, Gift of Destruction, Gift in Return, Gift of Destiny, Broken Gift

FIVE SWORDS 46 Techniques

Delayed Sword, Fatal Deviation ***, Alternating Mace, Snaking Talons ***, Aggressive Twins, Entwined Maces ***, Defying the Storm, Mace of Aggression, Snapping Twigs, The Bear and the Ram, Tripping Arrow, Falling Falcon, Conquering Shield, Cross of Death, Bowing to Buddha, Raining Claw, Glancing Wing, Prance of the Tiger, Circling Fans ***, Deflecting Hammer, Hugging Pendulum, Retreating Pendulum, Dance of Darkness ***, Unwinding Pendulum, Menacing Twirl, Reversing Circles ***, Swinging Pendulum, Detour From Doom, Deceptive Panther, Charging Ram, Broken Ram, Intercepting the Ram, Spreading Branch, Reprimanding the Bears, Captured Twigs, Crushing Hammer, Obscure Wing, Calming the Storm, Securing the Storm, Triggered Salute, Twisted Twig, Bow of Compulsion, Reversing Mace, Circling Destruction, Gripping Talon, Twisted Rod

LONE KIMONO: 9 Techniques

Twin Kimono, Clutching Feathers, Locking Horns, Captured Leaves, Entangled Wing, Snapping Twig, Raking Mace, Obscure Sword, Falcons of Force


Circle of Doom, Rotating Destruction, Unfolding The Dark, Encounter With Danger


Sword of Destruction, Evading The Storm, Protecting Fans, Shield and Mace, Leap From Danger, Dominating Circles, Circles of Protection, Raining Lance, Circling Windmills, Unfurling Crane, Reversing Circles, Leap of Death, Destructive Kneel, Destructive Fans, Glancing Spear, Desperate Falcons, Broken Rod, Fatal Deviation ***, Entwined Maces ***, Snaking Talons ***

REPEATING MACE: 8 Techniques

Shield and Sword, Twirling Hammers, Checking The Storm, Twirling Wings, Entwined Lance, Parting of the Snakes, Capturing the Rod, Defying the Rod

LOCKED WING: 1 technique

Flight to Freedom


Buckling Branch, Striking Serpent's Head

PARTING WINGS: 24 Techniques

Thrusting Prongs, Begging Hands, Thrusting Wedge, Blinding Sacrifice, Twist of Fate, Crashing Wings, Spiraling Twigs, Squatting Sacrifice, Scraping Hoof, Repeated Devastation, Cross of Destruction, Fallen Cross, Heavenly Ascent, Squeezing the Peach, Crossed Twigs, Circling Wing, Wings of Silk, Obstructing the Storm, Capturing the Storm, Calming the Storm, Securing the Storm, Snakes of Wisdom, Grip of Death, Escape From Death

HOOKING WINGS: 4 Techniques

Fatal Cross, Twirling Sacrifice, Defensive Cross, Marriage of the Rams

In my school you learning basics, basics andmore basics along with Star Block Set to get an Advanced White Belt. The yellow Blet remained the same 10 techniques, short 1 etc...

At Advanced Yellow Belt the student learns their stance set, and the 10 Master key Techniques and any other basics needed for these techniques

At Orange Belt is where it starts to get fun, we employed the Equation Formula and the student grows each level. For Orange Belt they create 2 Prefixes for each technique, plus they learn Long Form 1.

At Advanced Orange Belt they create 2 suffixes for the 10 techniques, and learn Finger set

At Purple belt they create 2 inserts for each fo the 10 master key techniques, and learn short form 2 and coordination set 1, plus 2 techniques that are taugt at the ideal phase

At Advanced Purple belt they employ deletions and must cme up with for each of the master key techniques and striking set 1,plus 2 techniques that are taugt at the ideal phase

At Blue Belt the alter the techniques, learn long form 2 and Stance set 2, plus 2 techniques that are taugt at the ideal phase

At Advanced Blue Belt they employ re-arrange concepts on each of the techniques, and learn finger set 2, plus 2 techniques that are taugt at the ideal phase

At green belt they learn to regulate the 10 master key techniques, learn coordination set 2 and Short form 3 as well as the 7 techniques needed to complete the form

At Advanced green they adjust the master key techniques, learn striking set 2, plus 2 techniques that are taugt at the ideal phase

At 3rd brown they start compounding the master key techniques, learn blocking set 2, plus 3 techniques that are taugt at the ideal phase

At 2nd brown they graft the master key techniques, learn long 3 and the techniques needed to complete it plus 3 techniques that are taugt at the ideal phase

At 1st brown the learn 5 knife defenses and 5 gun defenses that will not send them to jail, and start Black Belt prep, plus 3 techniques that are taugt at the ideal phase

At Black Belt they learn the any of the technqies they have not previously learn for Long Form 4, and Long form 4, plus thesis and personal form

At 2nd Black they have 80 techniques to learn over a 2 yr period andf long form 5

At 3rd black they have 96 extensions over a 3 yr period plus long 6

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Rob Broad
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I would peoples feedback n what they think of this.


I created this experiment because I find people have less time to practice than they did back when I was coming up through the colour belts, and because of less practice time that the are drowning in techniques. This way they get rapid proficency to defend themselves instead of trying to decide what to do about a right punch and coming up with 20 possiblities and while deciding getting hit in the head.



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Rob Broad
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Wow! Forty views and not a single comment or question. Is everyone following Book 5 of Infinite Insights like it is the gospel? How is this art ever supposed to grow, evolve or mature if we don't question, share and question some more.


I am the sum of my past;

Yet I have a future.

Which can I make greater.

Rob Broad

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Joe Walker
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hello there,

 im here in Prescott Valley AZ and was wondering now that you have been doing this for a while how does it seem to be working out?


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I'm curious also. How is it working for your students?

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Rob Broad
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The new program is working wonderfully. At out Christmas Grading I was watching purple belts moved with teh speed, timing and force of mid level brown belts, blue belts were moving like black belt, it was great to see.


The students pick up their techniques quickly, and spend an entire class working each technique against various body types so they commit defense to muscle memory for all variables.


In our 12 week rotation we break it down as follows:


Week 1 Basics


Week 2 & 3 Forms and Sets


Weeks 4 - 8 Self Defense Techniques


Week 9 & 10 Weapons


Week 11 Sparring Combos, Sparring and Freestyle


Week 12 is Review and Testing for those who are ready



I am the sum of my past;

Yet I have a future.

Which can I make greater.

Rob Broad

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Dr. John M. Landry
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This seems like a fantastic teaching strategy!


Detective John M. Landry, Ph.D.

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The Kenpologist
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The idea of the students formulating with prefix and suffix to the key techniques should in my thinking assist in making abstract principles more concrete and more rubber meets the road.



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