Elite Seminar

Contact Us Today For A Kenpo Seminar That Will Challenge You To Raise Your Standards In Kenpo.


In stead of the normal seminar of making sure that you or your students have all the material you need and that your performing it correctly. We will take you through a seminar that will not only challenge the way you perform kenpo, but challenge the way you think about kenpo as well.

We want to energize you as well as give you the tools that will enable you to not only take your kenpo to the next level. But the tools that will give you the support and freedom to put your own creative mind to work.

The support and freedom to venture outside the box of tradition while at the same time ( Keep and uphold the Principles and Concepts ) that we hold as the foundation that was set forth by the late SGM Parker.

These seminars are your chance to learn and be heard by Two lifetime Kenpoist who have dedicated their very lives to the art of kenpo. Take a minute and picture yourself being given center stage, the chance to openly express your ideas.

In return we will work with you and help make your ideas a reality.

Please contact us today.

GM Paul Britton 10th Dan. CEO IKKA

Professor Joseph Whelan 6th Dan IKKA President.

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